Research Topics

My research is focused on the characterization of planetary surfaces or rings, their multi-scale structure or composition, by infrared or visible remote sensing and radiative and heat transfer modeling. Among questions of interest are:
– The structure of icy regoliths exposed to space weathering at cm to m depths
– The low thermal inertia of rocky and icy regoliths and how it relates to their structure
– The thickness (and mass) of Saturn’s B ring
– Multiscale properties of Saturn’s rings, of terrestrial terrains

Missions : Cassini , LRO-Diviner, DAWN-Vir, Earth observation in thermal infrared

Team Collaborators : A.Lucas, S. Jacquemoud and S. Rodriguez, C. Michaut (ENS Lyon)

International Collaborators : L. Spilker (JPL), S. Pilorz (NASA Ames), J. Pearl (GSFC), N. Altobelli (ESAC)